Looking into the beauty of nature, we discovered that we may have a piece of it stored – a flower in a jewel. Since 2010, ROGEL Ltd. is an official importer of silver jewelry with real flowers under the Shrieking Violet Ltd., UK brand. We supply handmade jewelry made of orchids and other exotic flowers from Thailand – Tanawood Wiriyapibool. We appreciate art, that’s why motifs from paintings by famous artists are on umbrellas, bags, scarves, etc. women’s accessories in our assortment, thanks to our long-standing partnership with Von Lilienfeld and Galleria Enterprises Inc. It is no coincidence that our partners are from different parts of the world: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Thailand, because we are looking for quality and beautiful products that stand out from all similar ones on the Bulgarian market and we want our customers to feel proud owners of original jewelry and accessories.