The world’s number 1 hotel products and accessories company since 1942. Northmace’s clients include many of the world’s leading hotel chains as well as smaller boutique hotels for decades. Northmace >>

  • B-Tray

    Offers a wide range of luxury hotel supplies specially designed for premium hotels. Sophisticated design of the products, unobtrusive in the interior of the hotel room. Always practical and safe >>


    Under the Smart Hotel brand, we offer hotel products from various Bulgarian and foreign suppliers.


    Duck Island is a specialist product of sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices that fulfill our determination to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. Duck Island is >>

  • Longopac

    The Longopac® waste collection solution is a more efficient, hygienic and economical choice than ordinary waste bags and sacks. Longopac® is at the same time a professional bagging and packaging >>