BBP Marketing is a company with a long history of manufacturing reusable polycarbonate products. Originally established as BB-Plastics in 1882. Based in Muirfield, West Yorkshire, England. It currently operates on >>

  • Global Glass

    Global Glass Products was founded in the Netherlands by two catering entrepreneurs in 1990. The decision to create the company was made based on the realization that drinking from a >>

  • Monbento

    Since 2009, monbento® has been reinventing food on the go by inviting its consumers to reduce their waste, reduce food waste and simplify their lives with their range of reusable >>

  • Palm Outdoor Australia

    Palm Outdoor Australia is a manufacturer of unbreakable Tritan beverage cups and serving products. The company is Australia’s largest supplier of unbreakable beverage containers. They are also available in more >>

  • Roltex

    For more than 55 years, the Belgian company Roltex has been designing and manufacturing the finest serving trays. They continue to invest in innovation, research and product development that serve >>